Chile: Science, Environment, Mountains and Sport

I am currently living in Santiago de Chile and would be happy to hear about any new collaborations and work. I am working on various environmental science and pollution projects at the Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD) and the Universidad de Chile. At the UDD we have just started a 5 year FONDEQUIP Mayor project to calibrate and characterize low cost sensors for environmental measurements in air, water and soil. Check out our website (Envirohealth Data Observatory) and contact us on to get involved.

Here you can see some articles in the local press and read my 2020 essay about the Importance of Environmental Science in Chile.

Read about ski mountaineering in the Cajon del Maipo in 2020 and on a different note, find out how me and my Chilean family did participating in the Chilevision "Invencibles" sports TV show involving families competing to become "Chile´s fittest family". Watch the youTube videos of the Prieto family in action.


I am an associate researcher with the Centre for Climate and Resilience Research, (CR)2 at the Universidad de Chile, involving outreach work and air quality monitoring at a high elevation (3600m) station. The station will take meteorological, snow, hydrological, sunlight and air pollution (particulate matter) measurements.

OHigginssmallsensors (6).JPG

This is the site at Cerro Tres Puntas in the Valle Nevado ski resort where the station (shown here in a warehouse in Valparaiso) will be installed in March 2019.

The station will be at 3600 m altidude but within sight of Santiago, 40 km away and situated directly in the main pathway of the polluted air masses from the Santiago basin that travel easterwards over the Andes (via the lo Barnechea valley system) .

(CR)2, University of Chile

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I am a research associate in the Envirohealth Dynamics group Faculty of Engineering at the Universidad del Desarrrollo, using low cost sensors for air, soil and water pollution for various science and community monitoring projects. The air pollution monitoring instrument is called the HIRI sensor and we have used it in Chile and in a community science project in London. We are the main laboratory in the FONDEQUIP Mayor Envirohealth Data Observatory (2021-2024). 


Envirohealth Dynamics group of the Center for Environmental Technologies for Society, Universidad del Deasarrollo

Testing the robotic water quality systems near Pichilemu. monitoring air quality with small sensors linked to smartphones with walking mobile experiments.


This station in Parque O'Higgins is the main air quality monitoring station of Santiago, one of 13 stations run by SINCA. Have a look at their data here. We also test a variety of low cost and new sensors here.