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I helped to interpret some data from air pollution measurements at a "zona de sacrificio", what they call the industrial zones in Chile, that seem to be beyond the law

A 5 meses de intoxicaciones en Quintero, no hay datos oficiales sobre gases contaminantes

Read about the Los Bronces mine near Santiago and the massive tunnel that is 2 km from the La Paloma glacier. I talk about the effect of air pollution from the mine on the glacier by DeSMOG versión en español

Aprendizaje en la montaña con estudiantes de UDD por Milagro Pereyra Iraola (Njambre)

Estuvimos en la COP25 (Science outreach with small sensors in the public zone of the Climate change conference in Madrid in December 2019

Read about our citizen science air quality measurements in Coyhaique, Patagonia in May and July 2019, watch my interview here and see what CIEP is doing in 2021, including installing our Particulate Matter sensors.

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