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Human impacts on Antarctica

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Waste disposal site at the abandoned Wilkes Station (C) Ian Snape

I worked with a friend, Tina Tin on a review of the human impacts on Antarctica. We worked with experts in the fields of chemical pollution, sewage, disturbance to flora and fauna, the introduction of non-indigenous species and the effects of fisheries. The effects of legislation such as the Environmental protocol within the Antarctic treaty and the Convention for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) were discussed.

Tin, T., Fleming, Z.L., Hughes, K.A., Ainley, D.G., Convey, P., Moreno, C.A., Pfeiffer, S.,

Scott, J., Snape, I.: Review: Impacts of local human activities on the Antarctic environment, Antarctic Science, 21 (1), 3–33, 2009


Tourists and penguins at Gold Harbour, South Georgia. (C) Simone Pfeiffer


Black browed albatross killed in an Antarctic longline fishery (C) Carlos Moreno

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