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I enjoy teaching the public and children about environmental science and I have worked on various projects over the years. Here I will present some of the main projects that allow me to share my love of the environment, science and the outdoors with others.

Here are a few articles I have written for children and non experts.

Published in February 2021, I prepared several experimental guides for secondary school chemistry lessons on Chemistry and climate change for the Royal Meteorological Society (through Metlink). For now there are class experiments on the effect of Particulate Matter on the melting of ice, Ocean acidificatio experiments and Carbon footrpint calculations  (Resource use, CO2 greenhouse gas in a bottle resources will appear soon).. Please conatct me if you have ideas for more, the RoyalMetSoc is always ready to accept more and also to allow these to be translated.

Mountain Training Association (MTA) magazine, February 2018

Read here.


Read here.


The Mole: Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Educational Magazine, May 2013.

Read here.


The Mole: Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Educational Magazine, March 2013 profile.

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