Small sensors for Air quality measurements

I have had an interest in the use of small sensors for air quality measurements and have been testing various commercial versions since 2013. Many have been tested at the main DEFRA Automatic Urban and Rural Network (AURN) station for Leicester, based on the University of Leicester's campus. Here we are able to calibrate them against the reference instruments (O3, NO, NO2, CO and PM2.5) in the station, sampling the same air. 


Further to this, the small sensors have been used for various outreach projects with local schools, by the city council and by campaign groups, the latest of which will be with the London Sustainability Exchange and their Cleaner air 4 communities campaign. This community outreach and citizen science project in London will use laboratory-designed PM2.5 sensors from a research group in Chile (UDD) and will allow the west London community groups to design their own experiments to look at their local air quality on a spatio-temporal scale that is second to none. I am the science advisor on this project .

The Leicester AURN station, an AQMesh instrument at a school and the LSx Cleaner Air 4 communities volunteers.

Watch this interview that the Centre for Climate and Resilience Research ((CR)2) at the University of Chile produced:

Want to publish your own work with small sensors?

Finally, for those with an interest in low cost sensors and networks of sensor for air quality measurements, I am chief guest editor on a special issue with Frontiers in Environmental science. I can advise you on preparing a paper for this online journal, be it a scientific study or an opinion piece on their use in community science projects. This special edition will reopen in June 2019 for 6 months.

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