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Invencibles: La Familia más Fuerte de Chile

Invencibles: Chile´s Fittest Family


Mira el trailer aquí 

Watch the trailer here.

Mira el video de la familia Prieto 

Watch the Prieto  family Video

Invencibles_equipos (5).JPG

Episodios en YouTube - YouTube episodes

(Click on the Episode name to watch and fast forward to the time when the Prieto family are racing)


Episode 1

Learning to climb walls!

Find us at 33.55 and 1:37.14

LOS PRIETO V3.mp4.00_00_27_06.Still015.j

Episode 3 

So close to being eliminated! Lots of mistakes, Claudio sprains his knee again and is out of the competition for good. We suffer from nerves in the elimination race but learn a lot from it for the following episodes.

Find us at 24.40, 1:19.28 and 1:33.45


Episode 5 

We have Pablo replacing Claudio and the new team gels well to win both races. Watch the most exciting elimination race (not with us) at 1:25.55.

Find us at 26.25 and 1:04.34


Episode 7 

A nautical theme from the port of Valparaiso. Francisco has a bad day on the kayak and we don't finish the first race. We then smash the second challenge.

Find us at 42.25 and 1:22.58


Episode 9 

Competing at the TV studio in a speed and strength test, we end up in the top half and so don't need to compete again.

Find us at 2.28


Episode 11 

We win the medal for the strongest family of the week. 

Find us at 1:51, 27:24 and the medal ceremony at 49:29.


Episode 2 

Swimming and hill running made me feel at home!

Find us at 25.15 and 59.10


Episode 4 

We compete as a 3 and by staying calm, win both races. We are the only team with ANY women in in the winners race!

Find us at 15.04 and 1:17.15


Episode 6 

Competing in Chilevision's concrete jungle. We lose on the tyre carrying race but do well on the agility one. 

Find us at 1:00:08 and 1:30.16


Episode 8 

The "Repechaje" where the 7 familes who have already been eliminated return to compete against each other and 4 of them return to the competition. We only compete once.

Find us at 42.16


Episode 10 

We make it into the 3 best times and compete in a nail-biting final with the Zirpel and Curroto families.

Find us at 2.20 (getting coach Krespita back), 41.08 and 1:14.20.


Episode 12- Our elimination

Eliminated in the concrete jungle.

Find us at 1:24, 30:50 and the medal ceremony at 50:48.


Episode 13- semi final

Battle of the Ortiz, Ponce, Zirpel and Currotto families

Episode 14- Final

Watch to find out who is the fittest family!

Invencibles en Chilevision

Más información y videos cortos en en el sitio web de Chilevision

For those living in South America, watch short videos on the Chilevision website

Nuestro coach fue Krespita Rodríguez, dos veces campiona del mundo en boxeo. Ver video sobre Krespita aquí.

Our coach was Carolina Krespita Rodríguez, a double world champion boxer. Take a look at our coach in this video

PROMO CAPITULAR V4.mp4.00_01_05_06.Still

Meet the other families here

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